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What is BodyFX™ and MiniFX™

Body FX and Mini FX offer a unique option for patients. They are considered a third generation body contouring device that not only destroys fat cells, but tightens skin and reduces cellulite!
The same procedure is tailored for different areas of the body during Body FX or Mini FX, but two different hand pieces are attached for the two versions of the procedure. Body FX addresses problem fat in larger areas of the body, like the abdomen, back, and thighs, whereas Mini FX targets smaller regions, including the neck, arms, and knees.

What to Expect?

The devices provide non-surgical body contouring by first vacuuming the skin with a heated suction. The skin’s temperature is raised to between 108-109 degrees Fahrenheit, and the client will feel the gentle force of the sensation as the skin is drawn up toward the device. This motion ensures that the energy is distributed evenly to the intended areas. Next, radio frequency energy is delivered to the area in pulses, effectively destroying fat cells. The combination of these modalities has been clinically proven to produce results on fatty tissue. While this may sound intense, it is very safe. To maximize comfort, the body’s temperature is constantly monitored, with ongoing accurate feedback of the skin’s temperature, this thermal monitoring provides the utmost in temperature control.
Body Fx and Mini FX treatment sessions are performed over a period of 6-8 weeks for optimal results. Clients will schedule an appointment once a week during this time, and will likely notice a change in the look of their cellulite, skin tightening and tone after 2-3 sessions. Permanent fat reduction will occur gradually with maximum results achieved 2-4 months after the last session.

Is it FDA Approved?

Yes. BodyFx™/MiniFx™ is FDA approved and has been shown to result in the circumferential reduction of fat and a skin tightening. BodyFX™/MiniFX™ is also effective on cellulite.

What kind of post procedure care is required?

Because these are non-invasive treatments, during which the skin remains intact, clients do not require any anesthesia to undergo Body FX or Mini FX. There is no recovery after the treatment. The warmth is equivalent to the sensation felt after a deep tissue massage and will not prevent anyone from their regular activities. There is only a modest degree of redness and swelling after each treatment.  Skin tone, color, texture and temperature return to normal, usually within several hours.

Are the results of BodyFX™ and MiniFX™ permanent?

The treatment will kill fat cells, but cannot change the way the body distributes fat with weight gain. There is no way to prevent cellulite, but it can effectively be managed with healthy habits and the BodyFX/MiniFX treatments.

Who is a candidate for the BodyFX™ fat reduction procedure?

The best candidates for BodyFX™/MiniFX™ are clients who have unwanted stubborn areas of excess body fat, including the upper arms, back and bra line area, the flanks, the hips, the upper and lower abdomen, the outer and inner thigh, knee and neck.  The treatments are best suited for individuals that want a permanent, noticeable and modest reduction in fat without undergoing traditional liposuction surgery.  BodyFX™/MiniFX also addresses slightly loose skin over the area of unwanted excess fat, as well as cellulite.  BodyFX™/MiniFX™ is one of the only body contouring devices that simultaneously tightens skin and reduces localized fat.


  • Superior non-invasive body contouring that improves the appearance of cellulite, reduces dimpled skin, loss of elasticity on the abdomen, love handles, hips, thighs, buttocks, neck, arms, knees and other areas that require fat reduction.
  • Skin temperature feedback on operator handpiece provides immediate skin measurements to ensure a uniform treatment of the entire area
  • Skin temperature cut-off to regulate skin temperature and provide an additional level of safety and comfort during treatment
  • Ongoing clinical studies show improvements to smooth cellulite
  • Targeted RF energy allows operators to treat areas that concern patients the most
  • No client downtime and minimal client discomfort
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DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary. Any photos on this website do not represent a guarantee of results. 

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