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Dimension Cool Aesthetics

Becoming a happier, healthier version of yourself

** We will be closed every second Monday of each month! **

Dimension Cool Aesthetics - Hydrafacial


The HydraFacial is a medical-grade treatment that’s revolutionizing the way we think about skin health.

Injection cosmetology

Banish deep wrinkles with Botox and Juvederm! Our experienced doctor will make sure your treatment looks natural and healthy.

Dimension Cool Aesthetics - Laser & Radiofrequency
Laser & Radiofrequency

Are you seeking to improve superficial skin tone problems to deep textural concerns? Learn more about our laser & radiofrequency services below!

Dimension Cool Aesthetics - Injectables
VI Peel

VI Peel is a medium depth, medical-grade chemical peel. This virtually painless chemical peel helps improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin while providing several anti-aging benefits. 

Image by Seth Doyle

Dermaplaning provides an effective and safe exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper product penetration and flawless looking makeup.We use an exfoliating blade to remove the top-most layer of dead skin cells along with the fine, vellus hair (peach fuzz) revealing smoother, more radiant looking skin.

Image by Lesly Juarez
SkinPen Microneedling

SkinPen® is a microneedling device that can effortlessly and effectively improve the general elasticity and firmness of your skin. Whether you’re trying to combat collagen loss that naturally happens with age or just give your skin an overall boost, the SkinPen® microneedling system is a great non-invasive option for you!

AfterGlo Social Graphic_3-min.png
PDO AfterGlo™ SkinTreatment

PDO threads, which are composed of the same biodegradable polymer as this new serum, is known to aid in the production of collagen, increase skin elasticity, and reapproximate tissue. PDO is an ingredient that is certified by the FDA and naturally dissolves and is absorbed by the body in about 6-12 months.

About Dimension Cool Aesthetics

At Dimension Cool Aesthetics, we live to see you become a happier, healthier version of yourself! We believe every person can stay healthy and beautiful at any age. We are just here to help!

Let our experience give you the best experience! 

We focus on revealing your inner and outer beauty. When you don't feel as though you look your best, you don't feel your best. By fixing a small or slight imperfection, it not only brings out your outer beauty, but it unleashes your inner beauty!


Here at Dimension Cool Aesthetics we are team driven and client focused. Clients are our priority. We are committed to continuing education in order to deliver services that exceed your expectations.

See What Our Customers Have to Say!

"After my first experience at this office, I was so impressed with the friendliness from every one of the staff members, as well as Dr. Hommel. He made great recommendations in regards to my Botox treatment and the injections were nearly painless. Dr. Hommel also made sure to warn me that the ‘lip flip’ injection I opted for tended to hurt a bit more than the others, but his technique was flawless and it only stung for a second. The staff was extremely welcoming and made my first visit feel as if I’d been coming to the office for years. Dimension Cool Aesthetics came highly recommended by a co-worker and I can honestly see why- they are fantastic!" 

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